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May 18, 2012 National Nurses United - Chicago Rally to Tax Wall Street and Heal America

Rally Banner with Tom Morello

Robin Hood Joins Nurses' Campaign to Heal America - Chicago Friday, May 18.

What in the world?  The registered nurses of National Nurses United cannot wait to welcome one of the world’s leading defenders of common people to their uncommon May 18th march and rally in Chicago.  It’s time for Robin Hood to lend his legendary fame of days gone by to help with the nurses’ campaign to heal the modern-day financial traumas faced by real people at the hands of Wall Street.

It won’t be Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood and the nurses will be marching and rallying but through the streets of downtown Chicago, from the Sheraton Downtown at 11 a.m., to Daley Plaza a little after noon.  With a sense of festive political messaging but also with the courageous clarity nurses bring to their advocacy for doing what is best for their patients, their communities and nation, and the world, the eyes of the world will turn to Chicago to learn what a Robin Hood Tax is and why such a tax is the right way to heal so many of the fiscal problems we face.

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