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RNs Push California Legislature to Improve Patient Safety

We know the patient care crisis continues, despite more Californians having insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals are shifting care to the outpatient setting. Insurance companies restrict access to providers because of so-called “narrow networks." Health insurance premiums are still going up. Patients are still stuck with high out of pocket costs. Millions remain uninsured, particularly undocumented workers. Non-profit hospitals fail to provide adequate charity care, burdening public health systems with higher costs.

Fortunately, RNs can make our elected officials address these crucial patient safety issues – send an email today demanding action in the California Assembly and Senate Health Committees: tell the Committee Chairs to support the Patient Bill of Rights. CNA supports this package of legislation to address on-going patient safety issues, worsened by rising cost and restricted access, in clinics and hospitals. Send your email today to Assemblyman Pan and Senator Hernandez urging their support for the PATIENT BILL OF RIGHTS: 
AB 503, AB 2533, SB 1269 (CNA sponsored) along with SB 1182 and SB 1005

Charity Care (AB 503) – Defines what hospitals can call “charity care,” which must be care to the poor, not PR to generate more hospital profit.

Patients’ Choice (SB 2533) – States patients can’t be charged for out-of-network costs for treatment.

Observation Units (SB 1269) – Improves safety standards for “observation units” and requires patients be notified that they are under observation and not admitted to hospital.

Rate Review For Large Groups (SB 1182) - Requires large group health insurance plans to provide rate increase information to the state at least 60 days before implementing the increase. 

Expanding Medi-Cal (SB 1005) – Expands Medi-Cal benefits to income qualified, undocumented immigrants.

These significant reforms will greatly benefit patients. As we wage our contract fights to protect patient care standards, and organize for a single standard of quality care for all, we must push legislators to ensure that patients get the care they need, not just the healthcare they can afford.

Urge California legislators to take these important steps today.


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