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HEAL DC: Write a Letter Supporting Safe RN Staffing

Heal DC

Nurses in DC are working to pass legislation that will help protect patients in our country's capital. The Patient Protection Act, which was introduced to the DC Council in February 2013, will improve healthcare for patients in all DC hospitals by:

  • Establishing minimum RN-to-patient ratios on all units at all times to protect patient safety.
  • Protecting the right of nurses to advocate in their patients’ interests.
  • Instituting genuine whistle-blower protection for RNs, other healthcare providers, and patients who report unsafe conditions.
  • Forbidding unsafe, mandatory overtime that puts patients in danger.
  • Protecting ancillary staff and providing hospitals an opportunity to increase nursing staff beyond minimum standards when needed.

Please help pass the Patient Protection Act by signing our letter to the DC Mayor and Councilmembers. Thank you!

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