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Union Nurses Say “Lift Up El Paso” NNOC-TEXAS/NNU

National Nurses Organizing Committee - Texas/National Nurses Union, 6/12/14

Lift Up El Paso


The “Lift Up El Paso” Alliance is organizing to improve the lives of workers in El Paso and is planning an action for later in July. Stay tuned for details!


Audrina Bovan“I urge all my fellow nurses to attend the “Lift Up El Paso” kick off event in July (exact date TBA). Why do nurses care about a living wage and economic justice? Because we care about the health of our community. When wages are better, health is better. Raising wages means bettering lives.”

Audrina Bovan, RN DSMC



Roxanne Doublet

"We as nurses see patients come in to the hospital because they have to choose between eating and strips to monitor their blood glucose levels or their medication because they don't have money for both: as nurses we need to invest our time and effort and support “Lift Up El Paso.” Investing in a healthy El Paso means investing in a healthy future.”

Roxanne Doublet, RN PMH



Sylvia Searfoss“A living wage for El Paso city & county workers would benefit our community because families and individuals would be better able to afford to buy health insurance, medicines, & healthier foods which would help make El Paso a healthier community.”

Sylvia Searfoss, RN SMC






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