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Nurses file complaint against Orlando Health

WFTV, 11/6/13

ORLANDO, Fla. — A group of Orlando Health employees has been working to form a union since the hospital system announced they'd be cutting shift differential pay.

Eyewitness News obtained paperwork just filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Channel 9's Karla Ray first exposed an internal memo that suggested managers wanted security employees to watch for union activity.

The complaints fall in line with the email.

The National Labor Relations Board still has to investigate, but administrators said Wednesday they're not worried.

Paperwork filed with the National Labor Relations Board accuses Orlando Health administrators of interrogating employees, engaging in surveillance of union activity and interfering, restraining, and coercing employees at each of the system's hospitals.

Nurses Sarah Lasher and Sarah Collins have been leading the effort to form a union within the hospital.

"It really leads us to question what they're so afraid of to warrant these measures they've been taking," Collins said.

Since leaders announced they'd be cutting shift differential pay, they said they've been getting pushback ever since.

"Obviously our efforts to inform team members of all the information, of accurate information, about what being represented by a labor union means, is affecting their organizing efforts," Kena Lewis of Orlando Health said.

Administrators are not shy with their opinion of a union forming.

They admit to being anti-union and distributing their own information about collective bargaining, but insist they've done nothing illegal.

"Is there union busting happening at Orlando health?" asked Channel 9's Karla Ray.

"There is no union busting happening at Orlando Health," Lewis said.

Since the complaint has been filed, it will be up to the NLRB to decide.

"We're not going to accept them harassing and intimidating us," Lasher said.


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