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Nurses, Doctors Head For Haiti

News 4 JAX, 2/15/10

By Staff
News 4 Jax
February 15, 2010

Medical Professionals Volunteer For 2 Weeks On USNS Comfort

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A month after an earthquake devastated Haiti, teams of nurses and doctors are continue to travel to the Caribbean nation to help.

A group of nurses from as far away as California, Michigan and Minnesota arrived in Jacksonville Sunday night to await transportation to the U.S. Navy medical ship, the USNS Comfort, currently stationed off Haitian coast.

These 60 people are among teams of medical personnel from across the nation that have volunteered to spend two weeks helping those needing medical assistance in Haiti.

"It's an emotional situation, I feel for those people of what they need and how they are right now," said registered nurse Ashley Forsberg.

Forsberg, from Lansing, Mich., boarded a plane Monday from Jacksonville bound for Port au Prince, where she'll transfer to the USNS Comfort, which is providing intensive care, surgery and pediatrics -- services that are not easily provided at temporary medical facilities on Haitian soil.

Foresberg is well aware of the daunting challenge that lies ahead.

"I want to make a difference for them, even if it is only for two or three of them," Foresberg said.

"Just the thought to make an impact on one life is enough to make the trip to Haiti," said Christina Brown, a registered nurse from California. "I hope to have a bigger impact than that, but one human being is worth the effort."

That desire to help along with the training they have in the medical field are the reason that this disaster prompted them to take lend a hand.

"This hits at the basic heart of nursing," Foresberg said. "These people are hurting. They are hurting physically, They are hurting emotionally."

VIDEO: Volunteers Leave for Two Weeks

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