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Nobel Laureates Call on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

Portside, 6/21/13

Nobel Women's Initiative
June 18, 2013
When 10 Nobel Laureates call on President Obama to reject once and for all the Keystone XL oil pipeline, perhaps it's time he do that.
Ten recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize have written to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry urging the rejection of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.
The Laureates, many of whom urged the President to reject the pipeline in 2011, believe that now is the time for leadership by the United States on climate change. The rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline is a critical step in limiting the expansion of the Canadian oil sands - Canada's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. The oil sands also have devastating impacts on local land, water, air, and communities.
The letter reminds the President and Secretary of State that, "Climate change threatens all of us, but it is the world's most vulnerable who are already paying for developed countries' failure to act with their lives and livelihoods. This will only become more tragic as impacts become worse and conflicts are exacerbated as precious natural resources, like water and food, become more and more scarce. Inaction will cost hundreds of millions of lives - and the death toll will only continue to rise."
The letter goes on to say that, "as leaders who have spoken out strongly on these issues, we urge you, once again, to be on the right side of history and send a clear message that you are serious about moving beyond dirty oil towards the safe, clean and renewable energy future that the world deserves."
The letter urges the President and Secretary to focus on building the safe, clean, and renewable energy future that the world deserves.
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