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Hospitals push age hike for Medicare

Hospitals push age hike for Medicare

WASHINGTON - As the deficit reduction supercommittee hunts for $1.5 trillion in additional savings, US hospital executives are so worried about having their payments cut that they plan to start lobbying Congress next week to shift the burden onto their elderly patients - specifically by raising the age of eligibility for Medicare. —The Boston Globe, 09/30/11 More »

Pay reform offers new backdrop in long battle over nurse staff

Pay reform offers new backdrop in long battle over nurse staff

Boston - Reviving one of Beacon Hill’s oldest and most hard fought battles – whether to force hospitals to abide by nurse-to-patient staffing levels –nurses cautioned lawmakers Tuesday that they’ve left the care of their constituents at risk by failing to pass a staffing law, and the state’s top hospital official calling mandated staffing requirements a “terrible idea” that would represent a step backwards in the fast-changing health care field. —State House News Service, 09/27/11 More »

Nurses rally for law banning forced overtime

Nurses rally for law banning forced overtime

HYANNIS — Massachusetts hospitals need more nurses, not more nurses working overtime, health care advocates said Monday at a press conference near Cape Cod Hospital. —CapeCod Online, 09/27/11 More »

Patient died during Calif. nurse labor dispute

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Authorities were investigating the death of a patient who was given a "non-prescribed dosage" of a medical drug by a replacement hired when thousands of nurses went on strike across California, an Oakland police spokeswoman said Sunday. —Associated Press, 09/25/11 More »

Death of patient blamed on strikebreaking nurse

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Police were investigating the death of an East Bay patient Saturday morning that hospital officials say was fatally dosed with an unknown medication by a replacement nurse brought in from out-of-state during a recent nurse strike. —KTVU, 09/25/11 More »

“Lethal Dose” Kills Patient During Lockout

A patient's death at Oakland's Alta Bates Summit Medical Center has sparked out cry by nurses who have been locked out of work since they hit the picket lines for a one day strike Thursday. —NBC BAY AREA, 09/25/11 More »

Replacement nurse involved in ‘medical error’ leading to patient death at Oakland hospital

A replacement nurse at an Oakland hospital committed a "medical error" while administering a dosage of medication to a cancer patient leading to her death early Saturday morning, police and hospital officials said. —Contra Costa Times, 09/24/11 More »

Nurses rally again to ask that Wall Street be taxed

Nurses rally again to ask that Wall Street be taxed

San Francisco - Over 1,000 registered nurses from all over the U.S. rallied in San Francisco on September 15 near the Federal Reserve Bank in an effort to step up the campaign to place a tax on Wall Street. —The Digital Journal, 09/16/11 More »

1,000 Nurses to Rally in San Francisco Thursday, Sept. 15 Call for Tax on Wall Street

Some 1,000 registered nurses from across the U.S. will rally in San Francisco Thursday across from the Federal Reserve Bank to step up the campaign to tax Wall Street financial speculation to fund a recovery program for the economic crisis slamming Main Street communities. —Press Release, 09/15/11 More »

Taxing Wall Street to bail out Main Street

Members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United and their backers rallied September 1, at the congressional offices of Democrats and Republicans in 21 states across America for a 0.5 percent federal tax on big financial transactions to raise $350 billion annually to fund jobs, health care and schools. The tax would apply to stocks, securities, debt purchases, options, credit swaps, foreign currency bets and derivatives only, according to the CNA/NNU. —Sacramento News and Review, 09/08/11 More »

Let Wall Street pay

Last Thursday, Sept. 1, a group of nurses demonstrated at Rep. Wally Herger’s office at 11 a.m. and then, from noon to 1 p.m., set up a “soup kitchen”—actually, they served Mexican food—in City Plaza. They were among some 10,000 members of the National Nurses Union who mounted similar actions that day in 61 congressional districts as part of their Main Street Campaign. —Chico News and Review, 09/08/11 More »

Why labor movement will rise again

This Labor Day, the task was not so much how to assess labor's status as to address this question: What on earth happened? —Washington Times, 09/07/11 More »

How Will We Pay for Obama’s New Jobs Push? Answer: Tax Wall Street

President Obama is right: the United States needs a jobs program that spends federal tax dollars to retain jobs, to create jobs and to put tens of millions of Americans back to work. —The Nation, 08/31/11 More »

Elizabeth Warren’s More Than Just a Senate Campaign

Elizabeth Warren’s More Than Just a Senate Campaign

Elizabeth Warren's all-but-announced candidacy for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat once held by Edward Kennedy is a state-based campaign. But it has national implications. —The Nation, 08/26/11 More »

Mom sues Denver, three workers over child’s death

A Denver mother whose son died after she was unable to fill his multiple prescriptions because pharmacists kept telling her he was not eligible for Medicaid — even though records proved he was — has filed a lawsuit against the city and county of Denver. —Denver Post, 08/11/11 More »

If U.S. is serious about debt, there’s a single-payer solution.

If America truly is serious about dealing with its deficit problems, there's a fairly simple solution. But you're probably not going to like it: Enact a single-payer health care plan. —St. Louis Today (, 08/10/11 More »

Now is the summer of our economic discontent

Confidence shot. Tempers up. Patience spent. This economy has Americans feeling cooked. It had been one bummer of a summer, conservatives and liberals agreed, even before the news late Friday that Standard & Poor’s reduced the nation’s top credit rating from AAA to AA-plus. The previous day, after a federal debt deal averted government default, the European credit crisis and fears of a double-dip U.S. recession crashed the Dow anyway — erasing all gains of 2011. —Kansas City Star, 08/06/11 More »

Medicare doesn’t cover many health-care expenses for low-income seniors

Helen Johnson gave a welcoming smile to the group of older men and women who had assembled at the senior center in the Maryland Eastern Shore town of Snow Hill on a recent evening. All of them were caregivers for spouses or parents with debilitating illnesses. —Washington Post, 07/20/11 More »

Social Security provides the majority of income for three-fifths of Americans age 65+

The average annual Social Security retirement benefit in 2009 was $13,406.40, slightly above the $10,289 federal poverty line for individuals age 65 and older, but less than the minimum wage. —Economic Policy Institute, 07/20/11 More »

Study: Hospitals add higher skilled nurses in response to mandate

California hospitals have added registered nurses and increased access to professional nursing care since the state’s landmark nurse-to-patient staffing law was implemented, a new study concludes. —Sacramento Business Journal, 07/18/11 More »

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