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NNU RNs support victorious Republic Windows union employees

NNU RNs support victorious Republic Windows union employees

NNU RNs support victorious Republic Windows union employees who called off their occupation of their workplace early today after its owner said it will keep the factory operating for 90 days while the union and management look for a buyer. —NNU News, 02/24/12 More »

Nurses protest outside Emanuel’s office over Occupy Chicago arrests

Nurses protest outside Emanuel’s office over Occupy Chicago arrests

More than two dozen people in red shirts affiliated with National Nurses United stood outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s fifth floor City Hall office this morning chanting, "Arrest the 1 percent." —Chicago Tribune, 10/24/11 More »

Plan to close Oak Forest Hospital draws more criticism

Assertions by Cook County officials that Oak Forest Hospital patients will be adequately cared for if the hospital closes were called into question Monday at a public hearing on the planned closure at Oak Forest City Hall. —Southtown Star/Chicago Suntimes, 05/03/11 More »

Editorial: Delay in fixing Cook County’s hospital system could be deadly

Health care is expensive enough without spending money needlessly. That's what Cook County hospitals are doing. As Greg Hinz reported last week, an investigation by Crain's and the Better Government Assn. shows the public hospital system spends millions more than it should on overtime pay. Total overtime hours exceed industry-recommended norms by a wide margin. —Crain's Chicago, 04/25/11 More »

Overtime goes overboard at Cook County hospitals

Staff shortages and management woes at Cook County hospitals are pushing overtime to extraordinary levels, imposing huge costs on taxpayers and raising concerns about patient safety. —Crain's Chicago, 04/15/11 More »

University of Chicago Medical Center nurses vote to authorize strike

CHICAGO — Union nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center have voted to authorize a strike, but an interim contract will keep them on the job until at least the end of June. —Daily Reporter, 04/15/11 More »

Nurses poised to strike at UC Medical Center

CHICAGO—Unionized nurses have voted to authorize a strike against the University of Chicago Medical Center. —WGN Chicago, 04/15/11 More »

In Superman’s Hometown, a Labor Dispute Over Health

Union workers at the plant have been picketing since being locked out in June, when negotiations over a new contract stalled. The dispute involves disagreements over pensions and health benefits. The memorial is a fitting backdrop for the contentious labor dispute that has shaken Metropolis — the self-proclaimed hometown of Superman, which sits on the Ohio River at the southern edge of Illinois. Many workers believe that the plant contributed to their fellow employees’ illnesses, which is a central reason the union is refusing to accept the plant operator’s plan to reduce pensions for newly hired workers and health benefits for retirees. —New York Times, 08/08/10 More »

High-risk Illinois patients may be stuck paying high rates

For thousands of Illinois residents who pay high health insurance premiums because of medical problems, the new federal health care legislation won't offer relief. The 16,000 residents who already pay into Illinois' high-risk health insurance pool will keep paying high rates, while others who enroll this summer under a new, similar program will get coverage at much lower, more reasonable prices. —Associated Press, 05/16/10 More »

New Illinois law expands protection when medical claims are denied

More than 3 million Illinois residents, particularly those who buy health insurance on their own or get it from a small employer, will have the right to get their denied medical claims reviewed by outside health experts under legislation signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn today. —Chicago Tribune, 01/05/10 More »

U of C: No deal with nurses by Friday; union eyes strike vote

U of C: No deal with nurses by Friday; union eyes strike vote

University of Chicago Medicine on Wednesday evening said it will not reach a new labor agreement with its nurses by Friday, when its current contract expires. —Alejandra Cancino, Chicago Tribune More »

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