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California Nurses Association Cheers Eden District Board for Courage to Overturn Sutter Decision

Malinda Markowitz, RN, co-President of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee issued the following statement in the wake of this week’s vote by the Eden Township District Health Board to sue Sutter Health over conflicts of interest and cancel the Memorandum of Understanding that is the basis of Sutter’s attempts to close down San Leandro Hospital. —Press Release, 02/28/10 More »

Deaths Rising for Lack of Insurance, Study Finds

As members of the Obama administration and Congress met on Thursday to try to find common ground on health care, a new report warned that without comprehensive legislation, more than 275,000 adults nationwide will die over the next decade because of a lack of health insurance. Nearly 14,000 of those deaths would occur in New York State. —New York Times, 02/26/10 More »

California Insurers Denied Over 26% of All Claims in 2009

Seven of California’s biggest insurance companies rejected more on average more than one-fourth of all payment claims in the second half of 2009, according to new data just released by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee and its national arm, National Nurses United. —Press Release, 02/25/10 More »

California insurance denials rose after public uproar

California insurance denials rose after public uproar

In the weeks following public outcry about claims denials by California's biggest private insurers, the insurance giants continued to deny more than one fourth of all claims for services. That's from new data released today by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee following the announcement that California Attorney General Jerry Brown plans to subpoena financial documents and other records from the insurance companies. —, 02/25/10 More »

Nurses from Across Texas to March in Corpus Christi in Support of Patient Advocacy Protections

Nurses from across Texas will march and rally in Corpus Christi Tuesday February 23rd to demand hospitals across the state recognize their democratic rights to associate and advocate individually and collectively for their patients - rights that were recently affirmed locally when the Christus Spohn hospital system agreed to end retaliation and intimidation of nurses who had spoken up on behalf of their patients. The nurses are leaders in NNOC-Texas (the National Nurses Organizing Committee-Texas), which counts over 10,000 nurse activists in the Lone Star State and is affiliated with National Nurses United, the professional association and union for RNs. —Press Release, 02/23/10 More »

Nurses rally for safer staffing

Before Gwen Collins headed to Tallahassee this week to ask lawmakers to limit the number of patients each hospital nurse cares for, she asked her fellow RNs at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa if they had a message to convey about their workloads. Their response: "Tell them this is madness." "Nurses want to see safety for patients and sanity for themselves," said Collins, a registered nurse who has heard similar sentiments from burned-out nurses at hospitals throughout the country. "They want to make sure mistakes are not made." —St. Petersburg Times, 02/17/10 More »

Nurses: We’re overworked and spread too thin

Nurses say they're overworked and spread too thin and it's affecting your safety. They teamed up with lawmakers Tuesday night in Kalamazoo to rally support. They're laying out the basics of new legislation that would regulate patient care across the state. House Bill 40-08 does two things. It creates a minimum nurse to patient ratio in hospitals and it also bans mandatory overtime. —WWMT (CBS), 02/17/10 More »

Nurses Rally For Fla. Patient Protection Bill

Florida nurses are calling for legislation to set minimum hospital staffing ratios and give them whistle-blower protection. Dozens of registered nurses marched and held a rally Wednesday near the Florida Capitol to support the introduction of what they call a a patient protection bill. —Associated Press, 02/17/10 More »

Florida Nurses Unite Feb. 17 in Tallahassee to Demand Lifesaving Patient Safety Improvements

Hundreds of registered nurses from across Florida will travel to Tallahassee this Feb. 16 and 17 to march, rally, and advocate for the new Florida Hospital Patient Protection Act of 2010, introduced by Rep. Oscar Braynon (D-Miami Gardens) and Sen. Tony Hill (D- Jacksonville). —Press Release, 02/16/10 More »

Nurses, Doctors Head For Haiti

A month after an earthquake devastated Haiti, teams of nurses and doctors are continue to travel to the Caribbean nation to help. A group of nurses from as far away as California, Michigan and Minnesota arrived in Jacksonville Sunday night to await transportation to the U.S. Navy medical ship, the USNS Comfort, currently stationed off Haitian coast. —News 4 JAX, 02/15/10 More »

Nurses Blast 39% Anthem Blue Cross Rate Hike “Stronger Medicine Needed to End Insurance Abuses”

The nation's largest union and professional organization of registered nurses, National Nurses United, today joined the national condemnation of Anthem Blue Cross for imposing rate hikes of up to 39 percent for Californians with individual policies, but said the outrage must "go beyond words to action to end insurance abuses once and for all." —Press Release, 02/09/10 More »

Calif. insurer’s rate increases draw attention of federal government

President Obama's secretary of health and human services fired off a sharply worded letter to a California insurer Monday, demanding to know why it is raising rates for individual policyholders by as much as 39 percent. The unusual salvo offers a reminder that, even as health-care legislation lies in limbo in Washington, the battle over surging health care costs continues in other venues. —Washington Post, 02/08/10 More »

When healthcare coverage is insurance in name only

The L'Esperances are your typical American family. They work hard. They try to get ahead. They don't ask anyone for help. And they pray they don't get sick. Mom and Dad -- a.k.a. Laguna Beach residents Jan and Paul L'Esperance -- sell kitchenware on behalf of various manufacturers. They've just been informed by Anthem Blue Cross that premiums for their health insurance will rise 18% to $985 a month. —Los Angeles TImes, 02/08/10 More »

University of Chicago RNs Speak Out -Hospital Cuts Endanger Patient Care

University of Chicago Medical Center registered nurses will hold a press conference Tuesday to warn that hospital administration demands for sweeping reductions in RN and patient care standards erode safety conditions at the hospital and threaten the retention and recruitment of RNs. —Press Release, 02/08/10 More »

Former eBay CEO rewrites campaign spending book

Chartered jets that offer "white glove service," fancy fundraisers in Beverly Hills and beyond, and enough high-priced political consultants to fill an auditorium. Those are a few of billionaire Meg Whitman's favorite things as she carries out her remarkably lavish campaign for California governor. —Associated Press, 02/05/10 More »

Federal Government Indicts Sutter/CPMC to Block Illegal Health Plan Imposed On San Francisco RNs

Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center (Sutter/CPMC) is facing an upcoming trial over the unilateral imposition on January 1, 2010 of an unlawful health plan on registered nurses and other workers. —Press Release, 02/02/10 More »

CA Seizes Health Reform Initiative—Single-Payer Passes Senate

CA Seizes Health Reform Initiative—Single-Payer Passes Senate

Congress may not have the political courage to move forward with a national health reform agenda...but in California the drive to pass guaranteed healthcare reform is back on track, with the Senate today passing legislation by a 22 to 14 vote to enact Medicare for all, single-payer reforms. —, 01/28/10 More »

Major Advance for Healthcare Reform as Senate Passes Medicare for All Legislation

To ecstatic applause from healthcare advocates, the California Senate today breathed new life into national prospects for fundamental health reform by passing on a 22 to 14 vote a major bill to guarantee healthcare in the state through creating a Medicare for all system that would cover every Californian. —Press Release, 01/28/10 More »

Haiti’s ‘floating hospital’: Tough questions on USNS Comfort

Yvelot Brianville, 24, lies quietly on a steel hospital gurney, a boyish naval officer in blue combat fatigues standing by his side. The officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mill Etienne, 34, is Haitian, fluent in Creole. He is also a neurologist, called to the intensive-care ward of this floating U.S. Navy hospital just off the coast of Port-au-Prince to assess the impact of Haiti's earthquake on one man's spine. —USA Today, 01/26/10 More »

Unions Can’t Compete With Corporate Campaign Cash

Some union leaders think that the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Citizens United v. FEC -- which essentially takes the limits off campaign spending -- will give them the same flexibility and freedom to influence the process as it does corporations. —The Beat, 01/24/10 More »

RNs Urge Congress to Overturn Court Ruling-“Disastrous Decision for American Workers, Democracy”

The nation's largest nurses union today urged Congress to act quickly to reverse the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate spending in political campaigns, calling it a "disastrous ruling for American workers and American democracy." —Press Release, 01/22/10 More »

Medical help on hold as groups await transportation to Haiti

Through treacherous floods and military coups, Gale Hull's organization Partners in Development has provided medical services to Haiti's poor. The group's clinic is still standing despite the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake, but there's no medical team there. Hull is just one of thousands of people eager to get into Haiti to help, but whose efforts have been delayed by communications outages and the country's crumbled infrastructure. —CNN, 01/21/10 More »

With Federal Health Bill Stalled, California Senate to Vote On Medicare for All

With prospects for national healthcare reform dimming following Tuesday's election in Massachusetts, a major bill that would establish universal healthcare, through a Medicare-for-all style reform, has been cleared today for a new vote in the California legislature. —Press Release, 01/21/10 More »

Michigan healthcare workers set to go to Haiti

Kyle Martin has traveled to Haiti since he was 12 years old as part of local mission groups. Now 26 and a second-year osteopathic medical student at Michigan State University, he has traveled to the impoverished Caribbean nation eight times in the past year to work at a medical clinic in Gressier, a town southwest of Port-au-Prince. —Detroit Free Press, 01/17/10 More »

More than 7,000 US nurses volunteer for Haiti

More than 7,000 nurses in the United States have volunteered to go to Haiti to help injured survivors of the devastating earthquake. —Associated Press, 01/15/10 More »

Huge Election Win for MountainView RNs

Huge Election Win for MountainView RNs

Registered nurses at MountainView Hospital in northern Las Vegas voted by 61 percent Thursday night to affiliate with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee. CNA/NNOC will represent 500 RNs at the hospital. —Press Release, 01/15/10 More »

Nearly 7,500 RNs Ready to Deploy to Haiti

Nearly 7,500 registered nurses have now signed up to volunteer for Haiti disaster relief, believed to be the largest outpouring of RN volunteers in U.S. history, reports National Nurses United which is coordinating the effort, and working around the clock to find locations for the nurses to deploy on the ground in Haiti. Nurses from other countries are signing up through the NNU program as well. —Press Release, 01/15/10 More »

More than 1800 RNs Join National Conference Call to Prepare For Haiti Disaster Relief Mission

With some 4,500 U.S. nurses signed up to volunteer for a Haiti disaster relief mission —and more than 1800 of them participating in a national conference call on Thursday —National Nurses United (NNU) today announced it will set up a command center in Miami to prepare the first team for deployment. —Press Release, 01/14/10 More »

National Conference Call TODAY For 3,400 RN Volunteers for Haiti Relief Effort

More than 3,400 registered nurses from across the U.S. have responded in less than one day to the call by the nation's largest organization of registered nurses for volunteers to provide assistance to residents of earthquake devastated Haiti —leading the RNs to now issue an urgent appeal for the public to support these efforts with donations of funds to support travel costs and medical supplies on their upcoming emergency nursing mission. —Press Release, 01/14/10 More »

Nurses Volunteer for Haiti Relief Efforts; RNs Issue Urgent Call for Public Help

More than 700 registered nurses from across the U.S. have responded in just a few hours to the call by the nation's largest organization of registered nurses for volunteers to provide assistance to residents of earthquake-devastated Haiti —and the RNs are now issuing an urgent appeal for the public to support these efforts with donations of funds to support travel costs and medical supplies on their upcoming emergency nursing mission. —Press Release, 01/13/10 More »

RN Union Issues Urgent Call for Nurse Volunteers To Assist Earthquake Ravaged Haiti

Nurse Volunteer Group to Coordinate Emergency Nursing Mission The nation’s largest organization of registered nurses tonight activated its nationwide disaster relief program to recruit nurse volunteers to provide assistance to residents of earthquake devastated Haiti, the National Nurses United announced Tuesday night. —Press Release, 01/12/10 More »

California’s Leading Reform Organizations to Chair California Fair Elections Campaign

SACRAMENTO, CA -- The California Fair Elections campaign today announced that the League of Women Voters of California, the California Clean Money Action Fund, California Common Cause, and the California Nurses Association will co-chair the campaign to pass the California Fair Elections Act on the June 8, 2010 ballot. Authored by Loni Hancock and signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ballot measure would establish a voluntary pilot public financing program for the 2014 and 2018 Secretary of State races. —Press Release, 01/11/10 More »

Ohio Nurses Union Debunks New State Health Department Hospital Website

Limited Information Limits Effectiveness of Hospital Comparisons The Ohio affiliate of National Nurses United, the "super-union" for registered nurses, today welcomes Ohio Hospital Compare, the new website of the Ohio Department of Health, aimed at helping consumers choose a hospital by comparing quality measures—but the union cautions patients that the quality of the information is limited, thereby limiting the site’s impact. —Press Release, 01/05/10 More »

New Illinois law expands protection when medical claims are denied

More than 3 million Illinois residents, particularly those who buy health insurance on their own or get it from a small employer, will have the right to get their denied medical claims reviewed by outside health experts under legislation signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn today. —Chicago Tribune, 01/05/10 More »

Denial of Care Profits: $73 million for CIGNA’s retiring CEO

Denial of Care Profits: $73 million for CIGNA’s retiring CEO

It's hard for most of us to imagine a lifestyle supported by a $73 million retirement bonus. It's even harder to imagine a whole nation's healthcare controlled by those who have benefited so wildly from denying healthcare to those who need it. —, 01/05/10 More »

Three Years Post-Katrina, New Orleans in Healthcare Crisis and Bracing for Gustav

As America turns its attention toward New Orleans on the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster, the Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN) is releasing a video that conveys the impact of a second disaster facing the city – the collapse of its healthcare system. On the eve of the anniversary, as tropical storm Gustav gathers strength cities in Mississippi and Louisiana are placed on high alert, and residents express grave concerns that their basic healthcare needs will be ignored again. —Press Release, 08/27/08 More »

New Orleans Nurses Turn Home Into Clinic

The sign on the gate in front of the pretty blue house announced the good news to a neighborhood that has had little since Hurricane Katrina: "There's a doctor in the house. Make your appointment NOW!" —Associated Press, 01/13/08 More »

Action Stirs In Face Of Wildfire Losses

Brian Merrel, a machinist at Metric Machine in Ontario, got an anxious call at work Oct. 22 from his wife, Amanda. "You'd better get home now. It's right behind us." —The Business Press, 11/05/07 More »

CNA/NNOC Nurse Volunteers Deployed To Southern California Firestorm

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee has sent volunteer registered nurses through its Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN) to Southern California to assist in responding to the spreading disaster created by wildfires in the region. —Press Release, 10/25/07 More »

Reflections of Katrina Nurses: Hope and Resolve - National Nurses Group Continues Work

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, countless numbers watched, and listened, to the growing chaos in disbelief. Thousands of registered nurses from across the nation, frustrated in their efforts to volunteer through government or private relief agencies turned to the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association to do what they do best provide hands-on, front line care to the sick and injured. —Press Release, 08/29/07 More »

Nurses tell of tattered health system - Access to care is still inadequate, they say

Six local nurses said Monday that mental distress is omnipresent in New Orleans these days as residents feel helpless to secure rebuilding grants, find doctors and schools and otherwise navigate life in a fragile city. —Times Picayune, 05/08/07 More »

Nurses Ask: Does New Orleans Suffer from PTSD?

Citing the development of a number of worrying and long-term trends among the patient and caregiver population of post-Katrina New Orleans, registered nurses from a wide variety of clinical settings will report on the severe challenges they face delivering care in their communities. The RNs will be sounding this public health alert as part of a day-long seminar sponsored by the Registered Nurse Response Network, (RNRN), a national organization with 4,000 members which was born in the aftermath of the Gulf region devastation. —Press Release, 05/02/07 More »

Reflections of a Katrina nurse

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster. What we did to the residents of the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Katrina was a man-made disaster. —The Courier-Journal, 03/30/07 More »

Nurses network to prevent future disasters like Hurricane Katrina

Some 300 nurses in the Washington area have joined a national network of nurses willing to deploy to the sites of natural disasters wherever they occur. —Washington Examiner, 03/22/07 More »

Free health clinic opening to help Lower 9 come back - Volunteers, donors make service possible

Eighteen months after the levee failures and Hurricane Katrina shattered the Lower 9th Ward, residents this week welcomed the opening of a free health clinic on St. Claude Avenue. —Times Picayune, 03/02/07 More »

Nursing group ready to send volunteers to scenes of disaster

Doug Smith, a registered nurse at Swedish Hospital, remembers getting annoyed as he watched the official response to Hurricane Katrina. —Rocky Mountain News, 02/08/07 More »

Nurses take next step with national disaster organization

HOUSTON - Nurse Bonnie Castillo remembers hearing from officials that the medical situation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck was "fine" - volunteers weren't needed. —Star-Telegram, 01/22/07 More »

Nurses prepare disaster response - CNA builds fund for RN network

The California Nurses Association found a new use last year for its ability to organize nurses quickly. It sent more than 300 nurses to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. —East Bay Business Journal, 09/01/06 More »

Emotional connections: Nurses find mission to Gulf changed their lives

After two weeks of treating desperate and scared families who survived thrashing flood waters and vicious winds with only their lives, the emotional connection to work became — and remains — unavoidable. —Vallejo Times Herald, 08/28/06 More »

Motivated by Katrina - National RN Response Network Launches

Vowing not to endure another year of government ineptitude in responding to human tragedy, the California Nurses Association (CNA) and its National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) will announce a national RN Response Network (RNRN), appealing to RNs nationwide to join a coordinated effort to quickly move nurses into areas like those devastated last year by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. —Press Release, 08/26/06 More »

Nurse Talk Exclusive -Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RNs

Nurse Talk Exclusive -Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RNs

On June 26 & 27th Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RN’s will cast their votes for or against joining California Nurses Association. It takes courage to fight for what you think is right. This has been a two year battle for the nurses against a very powerful hospital corporation. If you listen to Melanie and Sharon, you will hear two very sensible, passionate, compassionate nurses who want whats best for their patients, their fellow nurses and their community. —Nurse Talk More »

Forum to Discuss Plans to Close Kaiser Pediatric Unit

Forum to Discuss Plans to Close Kaiser Pediatric Unit

The community forum will be held at 6 p.m. at the Eden Mansion at 2451 W. Tennyson Road in Hayward. A community forum will be held tonight to discuss plans by Kaiser Permanente to close its pediatric unit in Hayward next month. The California Nurses Association, which opposes Kaiser's planned Nov. 17 closure, says the unit serves more than 1,000 families a year and more than 100,000 children in the Hayward area who receive health care from Kaiser. —San Leandro Patch More »

California Senate Approves RN-Sponsored Bill To Reduce Workplace Violence in Hospitals

California Senate Approves RN-Sponsored Bill To Reduce Workplace Violence in Hospitals

The California Senate late Monday approved a bill intended to reduce a growing number of incidents of workplace violence in hospitals. SB 718 is authored by Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco and sponsored by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. The bill next hears to the Assembly Health Committee. —California Nurses Association More »

RNs to Unveil New Findings on California Hospital Charges

RNs to Unveil New Findings on California Hospital Charges

In the wake of Medicare data just released on individual hospital charges, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United will unveil new findings on how much hospitals jack up their charges on total costs in a Tuesday press conference in Sacramento. —California Nurses Association More »

Nurses Go Public with Urgent Patient Care Issues at Las Palmas Medical Center

Nurses Go Public with Urgent Patient Care Issues at Las Palmas Medical Center

Registered nurses, members of the National Nurses Organizing Committee-Texas/National Nurses United, the largest professional association and union of registered nurses in the country with 170,000 members, will hold a rally outside Las Palmas Medical Center in El Paso on Thursday, August 18, at 11:30 a.m., to put before the public serious patient care issues at the hospital. More »

Stop Walker’s “Reverse Robbin’ Hood” Budget

A coalition of labor and community and organizations including seniors, teachers, nurses, students and public workers, will be led by Reverse Robbin’ Hood to deliver their last pennies to his friends, local corporations who have shirked their fiscal responsibility, this Wednesday. The action makes the point that Governor Walker's budget makes the wrong choices by robbing schools, seniors, working families, and the poor while giving massive tax breaks to corporations and his wealthy contributors. More »

SC Hospital RNs Protest Patient Care Cuts Tuesday

Registered nurses will hold a protest at USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital this Tuesday over cuts that put patient safety at risk, the California Nurses Association announced today. At the center of the protest is safe nurse-to-patient staffing, which is critical to both patient safety and retention of experienced RNs and recruitment of new nurses. More »

Historic “Lone Star Rebellion” Organizing Drive Backdrop for 2011 Legislative Push By Texas RNs

Capping a historic year that saw nearly 2,000 registered nurses at five Texas hospitals vote to join the National Nurses Organizing Committee-Texas, an affiliate of National Nurses United, RNs will hold a media availability at the state Capitol on the legislature’s opening day to discuss their legislative agenda for 2011. NNU now represents 160,000 nurses nationally, and is the fastest-growing union by far in the nation and the state. More »

San Mateo Medical Center nurses complain of worsening care

SAN MATEO -- Nurses at San Mateo County's public hospital complained Thursday that budget cuts are taking a toll on the quality of care at the facility and leaving them ill-prepared for the infusion of new patients expected under federal health care reform. —San Jose Mercury News More »

Children’s Oakland RNs Propose Better Safety Measures

Registered Nurses from Children’s Hospital Oakland Thursday called on hospital executives to take significant steps to stem workplace violence and improve public safety for patients, nurses, and other staff in the wake of incidents at Children’s and other hospitals, such as the recent death of an RN in Contra Costa County. —Press Release More »

Whitman Attacks on Nurses Part of Larger Strategy

The nurses started the fight even before Whitman won the Republican gubernatorial nomination on June 8, launching an actress dressed as ''Queen Meg'' who trails Whitman at campaign events and private fundraisers. ''I was surprised that they just came out, right out of the box, attacking me,'' Whitman said during a recent campaign stop in Roseville, a Sacramento surburb. ''And I said you know what, I am going to reach out to these nurses to make sure that all nurses know my position, and then they can make an informed decision.'' More »

National Nurses United Salutes the Minnesota Nurses - Association for Historic Patient Care Strike o

The 155,000 Registered Nurses of National Nurses United (NNU) today salute and honor their brave colleagues of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) for their historic decision to stage a major strike in defense of the patient care and safety standards at their hospitals. More »

New nurses union sets aggressive agenda

Over the years, Jean Ross had become increasingly disenchanted with the national union that represents nurses. She felt the American Nurses Association (ANA) had drifted away from the daily concerns of bedside nurses. She suspected it had become more interested in promoting nurses into management positions. More »

Nurses protest Whitman in California governor campaign

After spending more than $80 million and building a major lead in public opinion polls, Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman may finally have met her match Tuesday in the parking lot of the Asian Garden Mall. The billionaire candidate was delivering her stump speech to about 150 people at an open-air rally when about 50 protesters from the California Nurses Association and its schoolteacher allies interrupted by chanting and blowing whistles just a few dozen yards away. More »

12,000 California RNs to Strike June 10 - Update: Rallies Scheduled from Sacramento to San Diego

More than 12,000 California registered nurses remain scheduled to strike for 24 hours next Thursday, most of them at University of California hospitals, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today. More »

Royal Subjects to File Initiative to Crown Queen Meg of California

One day after first greeting her adoring subjects outside a gala Beverly Hills event, Queen Meg of California will grace Sacramento with an unusual and highly-anticipated double appearance this Friday, April 23. More »

Sutter, Town Square Off in Legal Battle

A battle is raging over a small Bay Area hospital, pitting not-for-profit medical powerhouse Sutter Health against a small community. Sutter plans to close San Leandro Hospital, which serves the small community south of Oakland and its large portion of Medicare patients. The company says it can't justify subsidizing the facility which it says loses money each year while rebuilding its larger sister hospital, Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, to comply with seismic requirements. More »

Health district looks to block closure of San Leandro Hospital

The Eden Township Healthcare District has filed a countersuit in Superior Court in a bid to invalidate Sutter Health's attempt to close San Leandro Hospital's emergency room. The countersuit, submitted Wednesday morning, states that a 2008 memorandum of understanding that allows Sutter to sell San Leandro Hospital is invalid because three directors on the board at the time had conflicts of interest because of incomes derived from Eden Medical Center. The directors were identified as Dr. Rajendra Ratnesar, Dr. Francisco Rico and George Bicshalaney. More »

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