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Children’s Hospital Nurses Return to Work Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. After Five-Day Strike

Children’s Hospital registered nurses will return to the bedside Tuesday morning, concluding a five-day strike over healthcare cuts. The nearly 800 Children’s RNs are members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. —Press Release, 05/09/11 More »

Nurses Support American Health Security Act of 2011

The American Health Security Act of 2011 has the support of National Nurses United, the California Nurses Association, the Labor Caucus for Single-Payer and its member unions, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, and the AFL-CIO which, at its convention in Pittsburgh in 2009, unanimously passed Resolution 34 in support of single-payer health care under a social insurance model and recently reaffirmed its support in its executive council resolution addressing national deficit reduction (March 2011). —Press Release, 05/09/11 More »

Nurses Ratify New Contract at Washington Hospital Center

WASHINGTON, DC—National Nurses United announced today that Registered Nurses at Washington Hospital Center voted Friday and Saturday to ratify a new contract with their employer. —Press Release, 05/09/11 More »

Nurses Vow to Hold the Line on Healthcare

All across America, people are having their healthcare taken from them. On this year’s Mothers Day in Oakland, California, the registered nurses at Children’s Hospital are holding the line against erosion of their health care and fighting to maintain quality care for mothers and families everywhere. Mother’s Day marks the fourth day of a five-day strike that centers on a hospital proposal that would prohibit nurses from bringing their own children to the hospital where they work. —Press Release, 05/07/11 More »

Nurses dig in to oppose North Auburn birthing center closure

Birthing Center nurses at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital are publicly opposing plans to close labor and delivery services. —Auburn Journal, 05/07/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Oakland nurses on 5-day strike

Registered nurses at Children's Hospital Oakland walked off their jobs Thursday morning in the first day of a five-day strike that centers on disputes over health care benefits and other proposed changes to their contract. —San Francisco Chronicle, 05/06/11 More »

A Flashpoint for Union Rights and Health Care

As working-class people around the country brace for more budget cuts that, among other things, will further restrict their access to health care, the people providing that care have also been feeling the wrath of austerity – and its attendant national offensive against unions. —Subterranean Dispatches, 05/06/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Nurse Strike Continues

Registered nurses today will mark the second day of a five-day strike at Children’s Hospital Oakland (CHO) with continued picketing and a noon rally where patients and community members will speak in support of the nurses fight to keep their decades long health plan that enables them to have their children cared for at the hospital. —Press Release, 05/06/11 More »

Centinela Hospital, Inglewood RNs to picket Friday

Registered nurses will picket Centinela Hospital Center and hold a noon rally Friday to protest what they call a systematic campaign by Prime Healthcare to sharply erode care standards and force the elimination of experienced nurses at the hospital at the expense of patient safety. —Press Release, 05/05/11 More »

Nurses at EMMC Ratify Contract

In one of closest votes in its history, Nurses represented by the Maine State Nurses Association/National Nurses United ratified a one-year agreement with EMMC late Tuesday evening. Nurses at EMMC have been in bargaining since August 2010, and had to strike EMMC in November to demonstrate their commitment to safe patient care. The three major points of contention were staffing, job security and health benefits. —Press Release, 05/04/11 More »

Tentative Pact for RNs at Washington Hospital Center

Registered nurses at Washington Hospital Center, the District of Columbia’s largest mediccenter, reached a tentative agreement Tuesday night on a new collective bargaining contract with the hospital, National Nurses United, which represents the 1,700 WHC RNs announced today —Press Release, 05/04/11 More »

Small Press with Big Ideas

Small Press with Big Ideas

Among the vast daily news sources bidding for our readership, I find four little-heralded publications representing major causes worthy of attention. —In The Public Interest, 05/03/11 More »

Plan to close Oak Forest Hospital draws more criticism

Assertions by Cook County officials that Oak Forest Hospital patients will be adequately cared for if the hospital closes were called into question Monday at a public hearing on the planned closure at Oak Forest City Hall. —Southtown Star/Chicago Suntimes, 05/03/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Oakland RNs Preparing for Five-Day Strike

OAKLAND— Registered nurses from Children’s Hospital Oakland, preparing to go on strike May 5-10 over sharply reduced healthcare coverage for nurses and their families, will be making picket signs on Wednesday, May 4 and are available to the media for interviews during that time. —Press Release, 05/03/11 More »

Snyder is ‘strangling democracy,’ participants at pre-graduation rally in Ann Arbor say

Fifth grader Lexie Salazar told a rally of protesters this morning in Ann Arbor she’s afraid Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget cuts will make it harder for her to become a zoologist. —, 04/30/11 More »

RNs at Doctors San Pablo Demand Resolution of Unsafe Patient Care Conditions

Registered nurses at Doctor’s Medical Center, in San Pablo, are holding an informational picket on Wednesday April 27 to protest chronic unsafe nurse-to-patient staffing levels, that they say is jeopardizing patient safety at the facility. The unsafe staffing has led to nurses working without any meal or break relief, an exodus of senior experienced RNs from the facility, and an overreliance on costly temporary nurses. —Press Release, 04/26/11 More »

An Update from Nihon-Iroren on the Crisis in Japan

An Update from Nihon-Iroren on the Crisis in Japan

On behalf of Japan's medical workers, we extend our sincerest gratitude for your condolences for those whose lives have been lost, for your donations for the survivors, and your warm messages of solidarity to Nihon-Iroren and its members. —Japanese Federation of Medical Workers’ Unions, 04/26/11 More »

Nurses Hopeful that EMMC Will Address Patient Safety as Second Strike Vote is Set

Bangor, ME – Nurses represented by the Maine State Nurses Association/National Nurses Unite (MSNA/NNU) have issued a second notice to EMMC over the weekend for a one day strike on Thursday, May 5th. Nurses voted on April 12 to authorized a second strike if management would not move any closer to solving the safe staffing problems and other issues at the next bargaining session. —Press Release, 04/26/11 More »

Editorial: Delay in fixing Cook County’s hospital system could be deadly

Health care is expensive enough without spending money needlessly. That's what Cook County hospitals are doing. As Greg Hinz reported last week, an investigation by Crain's and the Better Government Assn. shows the public hospital system spends millions more than it should on overtime pay. Total overtime hours exceed industry-recommended norms by a wide margin. —Crain's Chicago, 04/25/11 More »

Stripmining America-Unpatriotically

Stripmining America-Unpatriotically

It is time to apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations and demand that they pledge allegiance to the United States and “the Republic for which is stands…. with liberty and justice for all.” This July 4, 2011 would be good day for Americans to demand such a corporate commitment. —In The Public Interest, 04/22/11 More »

It’s about safe patient care

The St. Vincent nurses are making a stand for safe limits on nurses’ patient assignments to ensure you receive the care and monitoring that could save your life. —Worcester Telegram, 04/21/11 More »

“Wheel of Misfortune”

“Wheel of Misfortune”

Vanna White can’t help these “Public Servants” – they’re the 10 worst Governors in the U.S., and they’re unraveling America. —, 04/20/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Oakland RNs Authorize Five-Day Strike

Registered nurses from Children’s Hospital Oakland voted Tuesday to authorize their nurse negotiators to call up to a five-day strike if necessary to protest ongoing management efforts to sharply reduce healthcare coverage for nurses and their families. No date has been set for a strike, and additional contract talks are scheduled for April 26. —Press Release, 04/20/11 More »

Florida Medical Center RNs Vote by 83 Percent to Join NNOC-Florida

Florida Medical Center RNs Vote by 83 Percent to Join NNOC-Florida

Registered nurses at Florida Medical Center, located in Lauderdale Lakes, voted overwhelmingly Tuesday night to become the newest members of the rapidly growing Florida affiliate of the nation’s largest union and professional association of RNs, National Nurses United. Florida Medical Center is owned by the national hospital chain Tenet Healthcare. —Press Release, 04/20/11 More »

Alameda County must accept St. Rose offer for San Leandro Hospital

THE FUTURE of San Leandro Hospital has been in doubt for more than two years, but at long last there is now hope to save the hospital -- and to save the lives of untold numbers of its patients. Seeing this hope to fruition must become an urgent priority for all Alameda County policy makers. —Oakland Tribune, 04/18/11 More »

Waiting for the Spark

Waiting for the Spark

What could start a popular resurgence in this country against the abuses of concentrated, avaricious corporatism? Imagine the arrogance of passing on to already cheated working people and the jobless enormous corporate losses? This is achieved through government bailouts and tax escapes. —In The Public Interest, 04/18/11 More »

Sutter Roseville, Auburn Faith RNs Approve New Contract

Registered nurses at Sutter Health hospitals in Roseville and Auburn have overwhelmingly voted to ratify new three year agreements that provide for important gains in patient protections, and compensation, while protecting the nurses’ health coverage and retirement security, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today. —Press Release, 04/15/11 More »

Overtime goes overboard at Cook County hospitals

Staff shortages and management woes at Cook County hospitals are pushing overtime to extraordinary levels, imposing huge costs on taxpayers and raising concerns about patient safety. —Crain's Chicago, 04/15/11 More »

Patient safety should be a priority everywhere

Patient safety should be a priority everywhere

The disrespect Eastern Maine Medical Center Board Chairman Mike McInnis shows in his March 19 commentary toward nurses who have devoted years of service to our patients and our community, and his dismissive tone about our serious concerns about patient safety, demonstrates why we continue to have a dispute at EMMC. —Bangor Daily News, 04/15/11 More »

University of Chicago Medical Center nurses vote to authorize strike

CHICAGO — Union nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center have voted to authorize a strike, but an interim contract will keep them on the job until at least the end of June. —Daily Reporter, 04/15/11 More »

Nurses poised to strike at UC Medical Center

CHICAGO—Unionized nurses have voted to authorize a strike against the University of Chicago Medical Center. —WGN Chicago, 04/15/11 More »

Insurance commissioner joins lawsuit alleging fraudulent billing by Sutter Health

Sutter Health hospitals routinely charged insurers for anesthesia services that were never performed, bogus bills that potentially ran into the hundreds of millions of dollars, the state's insurance commissioner alleged Wednesday in joining a lawsuit against the Sacramento-based health network. —Sacramento Bee, 04/13/11 More »

MSNA Nurses Vote to Authorize Second Strike – EMMC Still Not Committed to Patient Safety

Bangor, ME – Registered nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center voted Tuesday night to authorize a second strike if management continues to ignore patient safety issues at the Medical Center. —Press Release, 04/13/11 More »

Saint John’s nurses petition to hold union election

SAINT JOHN'S — Nurses at Saint John's Health Center have formally petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election, a step organizers say is a decade in the making. —Santa Monica Daily Press, 04/13/11 More »

Nurses to President Obama: Don’t Cut Healthcare, Retirement; Raise Corporate Taxes, End Wars

In advance of President Obama’s speech Wednesday on the budget deficit, the nation’s largest union and professional association of nurses today called on the President to oppose any cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – and strengthen the nation’s economy by restoring fair taxes on corporations and the super-rich, ending the wars, and creating good paying jobs. —Press Release, 04/12/11 More »

RNs at Saint John’s in Santa Monica File to Join CNA, Seek Safer Staffing, Improved Standards

Registered nurses at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica have petitioned the federal labor board for an election to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. —Press Release, 04/12/11 More »

Nurses to Present Community Protest Petition Tonight

Palomar Pomerado Health District registered nurses will present a community protest petition to the PPH Healthcare District Board of Trustees tonight with a petition signed by hundreds of area residents sharply criticizing priorities by the hospital district that have undermined public trust in the district, eroded safety, and exposed the district to public ridicule. —Press Release, 04/11/11 More »

Quality care should not be subjective

If you had a loved one hospitalized at St. Vincent, you would want the hospital and its staff to provide that person with the best care. Should it alarm you, then, that St. Vincent nurses in the past 15 months reported more than 1,000 incidents in which they believe inadequate staffing conditions jeopardized patient safety? —Worcester Telegram, 04/08/11 More »

An Open Letter to CBS’ 60 Minutes Following its Pitch for More Corporate Handouts

An Open Letter to CBS’ 60 Minutes Following its Pitch for More Corporate Handouts

Your report on the corporate tax rate and new tax havens March 27 (“A look at the world’s new corporate tax havens”) was a stunning disservice to all the Americans who are harmed by a national budget that is seriously distorted by the failure of so many U.S. corporations to pay their fair share. —Alternet, 03/31/11 More »

Nurses rally to protest budget plan, emergency financial manager law

Nurses rally to protest budget plan, emergency financial manager law

A flurry of red-and-white signs with the words "Some cuts never heal" flapped furiously in front of the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon. The signs were accompanied by more than 200 nurses, nursing students and local and state officials who criticized Gov. Rick Snyder's budget proposals and legislation that gives emergency financial managers the authority to cancel union contracts. —Lansing State Journal, 03/31/11 More »

Despite Reserves, San Mateo County Proposes Crippling 15% Healthcare Budget Cut

Registered nurses from the California Nurses Association will join local patients this Tuesday, March 29 to protest as the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meets to consider a 15 percent healthcare budget cut that would devastate the county’s healthcare safety net. —Press Release, 03/28/11 More »

Want to Cut the Deficit? Restore Fair Taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy

Greed at the upper echelons of our society is bankrupting our governments at every level. "Suggesting corporations and the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share," writes Deborah Burger, "usually earns one the reproof of advocating class warfare. But class warfare when practiced by the elites is apparently perfectly acceptable. The average CEO who was paid $27 for every dollar earned by an employer 25 years ago – during which wages have mostly fallen or stagnated – now gets a ratio of about $275 to $1." —CommonDreams, 03/25/11 More »

Urgent Appeal from Japan’s RNs and Other Medical Unions

Urgent Appeal from Japan’s RNs and Other Medical Unions

In the wake of the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident that hit northeastern Japan this month, Japanese nurses and other medical workers are requesting donations to help with the recovery effort for the embattled nation. —Japanese Federation of Medical Workers’ Unions, 03/24/11 More »

Hospitals Oppose California Bill to Tighten Security

Citing high costs, the California Hospital Association is opposing a bill in the state legislature that would require hospitals to tighten security and increase reporting of violent events, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times. —Becker Hospital Review, 03/23/11 More »

Bill to tighten hospital security clears California legislative panel

A California legislative committee gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a bill that would tighten security at hospitals and increase their requirements for reporting violent acts to the state. —Los Angeles Times, 03/23/11 More »

Ex-hospital head takes plea in retaliation case

A former West Texas hospital administrator accused of retaliating against two whistle-blowing nurses accepted a plea deal Monday and could testify in trials for a doctor, sheriff and prosecutor facing similar charges. —Associated Press, 03/22/11 More »

University of Chicago RNs to Lead Candlelight Vigil Wed. Over Lack of South Side ER Services

With a growing crisis over lack of emergency care for South Side Chicago residents, several hundred University of Chicago registered nurses, joined by nurses from other hospitals and community residents, will hold a candlelight vigil in Chicago Wednesday evening to sound the alarm and call for action to protect public safety. —Press Release, 03/22/11 More »

California Nurses to Testify for Hospital Workplace Violence Bill, A.B. 30 (Hayashi)

Tomorrow, Deborah Burger, RN, and co-president of the California Nurses Association (CNA) will testify, before the Assembly Health Committee in support of A.B. 30 – legislation that aims to prevent the escalating tide of workplace violence occurring throughout California’s hospitals. The law will hold hospitals accountable for implementing more effective policies to protect nurses and patients alike in healthcare settings. —Press Release, 03/21/11 More »

Tufts nurses protest over hospital staffing

Tufts Medical Center nurses are ratcheting up their heated contract dispute with the Boston teaching hospital. Nurses planned to follow a flash mob at South Shore Plaza yesterday with picketing from 4 to 6 p.m. today outside the hospital in Chinatown. —Boston Globe, 03/17/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Oakland RNs Say No to Management Plans to Slash Healthcare Benefits

Registered nurses from Children’s Hospital Oakland will rally outside the Oakland facility Thursday, March 17 to protest management’s efforts to sharply reduce current healthcare coverage for nurses and their families. The hospital has indicated that they also intend to cut health benefits for other hospital workers as well. —Press Release, 03/16/11 More »

California Nurses Association Endorses Leland Yee for San Francisco Mayor

California Nurses Association Endorses Leland Yee for San Francisco Mayor

Registered nurses from the California Nurses Association have endorsed State Senator Leland Yee for mayor of San Francisco. —Press Release, 03/15/11 More »

National Nurses United Supports Sanders Legislation to Protect Social Security

Today, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation requiring a supermajority in the Senate to pass any legislation that would cut or privatize Social Security benefits. This bill, The Social Security Protection Act, parallels other legislation pending the Senate that would supermajorities to raise spending caps or taxes. —Press Release, 03/14/11 More »

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama shies away from protests

Union leaders urged Vice President Joe Biden during a White House meeting last month to go to Wisconsin and rally the faithful in their fight against Gov. Scott Walker's move to curtail collective bargaining rights for most public employees. —Associated Press, 03/12/11 More »

Bargaining for the USA: Time for a Main Street Contract for the American People

Bargaining for the USA: Time for a Main Street Contract for the American People

By Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, National Nurses United, AFL-CIO. The ongoing battles in the streets and capitols in Madison, Columbus, Lansing, Indianapolis, and other American cities make it clear that the lines are no longer just drawn, they are exposed. There are two Americas. One where Wall Street gets bailouts, and another where public schools and safety net programs get slashed. —Huffington Post, 03/10/11 More »

‘Shame!’ Legislators Approve Wisconsin Governor’s Anti-Worker Agenda

Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan, the former co-chair of the legislature's powerful Joint Finance Committee, says he is starting to feel as if he lives in a “third world junta.” Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch, a senior Democrat, says that what he is witnessing feels like “a coup.” Marty Beil, the head of the AFSCME Council 24, the state’s largest public employee union, said Wisconsin had been turned into “a banana republic.” —The Nation, 03/10/11 More »

Vital Signs: Medicaid programs also a casualty of last night’s surprise vote, angry advocates say

Once again, Medicaid seems forgotten as another wave of protests and media stories rocks the Capitol. Last night's surprise vote by GOP lawmakers pushing a pared down version of the so-called budget repair bill through a hastily convened conference meeting and a rapid approval by the Senate to what now seems to be almost definite passage as early as this morning impacts not just collective bargaining rights in the state, but the health care and benefits of nearly 1.2 million Wisconsin residents in the public health programs. —The Capital Times, 03/10/11 More »

Don’t Believe the Hype: Worker solidarity can win economic justice

There’s a joke circulating around the Internet that goes something like this: A corporate CEO, a union member and a tea partier are sitting at a table with a plate of a dozen cookies. The CEO takes 11 cookies and wolfs them down. Then he turns to the tea partier and says, “Watch out for that union guy. He wants part of your cookie.” It’s a joke that has billionaires like the Koch Brothers—who fund tea party groups through Americans for Prosperity—and their errand boys Dick Armey of Freedom Works and Karl Rove of American Crossroads laughing all the way to the bank. —The Source Weekly, 03/09/11 More »

What Michael Moore ‘Gets’ About Wisconsin… and America

What Michael Moore ‘Gets’ About Wisconsin… and America

"You will live in the history books!” Michael Moore shouted from the rotunda of the state Capitol to the thousands of Wisconsin workers, teachers and their allies who had come Saturday to protest against Governor Scott Walker’s assault on public sector unions and public services. Speaking without a microphone, in a voice that was worn but enthusiastic after addressing tens of thousands of protesters outside the Capitol, Moore. —The Nation, 03/09/11 More »

The War on Women’s Health

The War on Women’s Health

By Deborah Burger, RN and Co-President National Nurses United. The far right and their representatives in Congress and many state houses sure have a unique way of celebrating the centennial anniversary of International Women's Day. News that the Texas House of Representatives last week approved a bill, already passed by the state Senate, to force women seeking an abortion to first get an ultrasound test is one of a number of attacks on women's health in the works. —Huffington Post, 03/08/11 More »

Doctors Sarasota RNs Vote by 64% to Join NNOC-Florida

Doctors Sarasota RNs Vote by 64% to Join NNOC-Florida

By a margin of 64 percent, registered nurses at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota voted Monday night to become the newest members of the rapidly growing Florida affiliate of the nation’s largest union and professional association of RNs, National Nurses United. —Press Release, 03/08/11 More »

Locked-Out Nurses to Picket Tuesday Before Returning to Work Wednesday Morning

Remaining unified in the face of a retaliatory lock-out by the District of Columbia’s largest hospital, registered nurses from Washington Hospital Center will rally and picket this Tuesday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., advocating for patient care improvements and safe nurse staffing at the facility. The hospital’s lockout of the nurses ends Wednesday morning. —Press Release, 03/07/11 More »

Citing Unstable Staffing, D.C. Nurses Strike

Citing Unstable Staffing, D.C. Nurses Strike

Nurses at D.C.’s Washington Hospital Center took a one-day strike Friday to protest short staffing and compensation cuts. Hospital administration said they will lock out the 1,600 nurses, represented by the National Nurses United, for four additional days. The union estimated that MedStar, the nonprofit chain that owns Washington Hospital Center, will spend $5 million to lock its nurses out. —Labor Notes, 03/04/11 More »

Anthem To Raise Premiums While Making Huge Profits

Anthem To Raise Premiums While Making Huge Profits

Anthem Blue Cross spent $2 million lobbying the California legislature and another $1.6 million on campaign contributions between 2009 and 2010. It lobbied the Department of Managed Health Care, the Department of Insurance and the Governor's office regarding health insurance regulations. In particular, Anthem spent a significant amount of time lobbying against SB1163, a piece of legislation that gave the state the power to review premium increases. —KCET, 03/04/11 More »

Barred From the Job Until Wednesday, Striking Washington Hospital Center Nurses Take to Irving St.

Barred From the Job Until Wednesday, Striking Washington Hospital Center Nurses Take to Irving St.

With negotiations stalled, striking nurses at Washington Hospital Center today took to Irving Street NW, picketing the region's largest hospital. Wearing red scrubs, the color of National Nurses United, several hundred protesters held signs and chanted slogans, angry over a cut in pay and what they say is dangerous understaffing. —Washington City Paper, 03/04/11 More »

Big Turnout on Picket Line by Washington Hospital Center RNs

Big Turnout on Picket Line by Washington Hospital Center RNs

Hundreds of Washington Hospital Center registered nurses jammed picket lines outside the District’s largest hospital Friday for a one-day strike called to protest stalling by the hospital administration on serious patient care problems at the facility. —Press Release, 03/04/11 More »

Nurses At D.C.‘s Largest Hospital Go On Strike

Nurses At D.C.‘s Largest Hospital Go On Strike

Hundreds of registered nurses from Washington Hospital Center, the city's largest hospital, were marching down Irving Street this morning, chanting "Up with the nurses, down with the bosses." —WAMU 88.5, 03/04/11 More »

Cigna sued on claims of gender bias — Manager says her pay, title reduced

A Boston Cigna HealthCare employee is seeking $100 million in damages in a lawsuit that alleges the company systematically discriminates against women. —Boston Globe, 03/04/11 More »

1 in 5 Patients at California ERs Leaves Without Being Seen

FRIDAY, March 4 (HealthDay News) -- Upwards of one-fifth of patients who seek care at one of California's hospital emergency departments leave before being seen by anyone, new research reveals. —HealthDay, 03/04/11 More »

Washington Hospital Center RNs to Strike Friday

Registered nurses at Washington D.C.’s largest hospital are preparing to walk out on strike Friday, March 4, citing as their primary concern serious patient safety problems at Washington Hospital Center. The facility’s nearly 1,650 RNs are represented by National Nurses United. —Press Release, 03/03/11 More »

Nurses Offer to Buy President Shoes To March with Workers in Wisconsin

Recalling a pledge by then-candidate Barack Obama that “If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House, I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself” and join them, National Nurses United today offered to buy the president those shoes. —Press Release, 03/02/11 More »

LePage budget brings out hundreds of union workers in protest

AUGUSTA, Maine — Hundreds of public employees, retirees and union members have gathered at the State House for the first day of hearings on the portions of Gov. Paul LePage’s budget that affect state workers. Testifying at around 12:30 p.m., LePage said there are currently more than 52,000 current retirees or state workers eligible for retirement within the next decade. —Bangor Daily News, 03/02/11 More »

Soon-to-Strike Nurses Applaud Mayor Gray’s Support

More than 1,600 nurses from Washington Hospital Center (WHC) are preparing to go on strike this Friday—and are thanking D.C. Mayor Vince Gray for his support, National Nurses United reports today. In a press conference today, the Mayor announced he had spoken with MedStar Health’s CEO Ken Samet, and urged him to resolve the labor dispute prior to the strike. "We want to see people treated fairly," said Gray. —Press Release, 03/01/11 More »

As Gov. LePage Threatens to Bring Wisconsin’s Nightmare to Maine, State’s Nurses Say No!

As Gov. LePage Threatens to Bring Wisconsin’s Nightmare to Maine, State’s Nurses Say No!

Sounding the alarm bell on anti-union legislation supported by Gov. LePage that is chillingly similar to the infamous legislation in Wisconsin, registered nurses from across Maine will gather this Wednesday, March 2 to protest. The RNs, from the Maine State Nurses Association, will highlight the real dangers such legislation poses to every patient in the state and demand politicians recognize and respect the very same rights to collectively bargain and associate that are under attack in Wisconsin. LePage has so far published LD788, the first of multiple bills expected on the topic. —Press Release, 02/28/11 More »

Missing in Madison—Where’s Obama? Nurses Offer to Buy President’s Shoes to March with Workers

Missing in Madison—Where’s Obama? Nurses Offer to Buy President’s Shoes to March with Workers

The past two weeks have been a "Where's Waldo" moment for President Obama. He's been largely a bystander while tens of thousands of American workers, joined by students, and community allies, marched in Madison's snow and freezing temperatures, and slept on the floors of the capitol to defend their most fundamental right to freedom of assembly and a collective voice. —Huffington Post, 02/28/11 More »

Trumka Announces Support for Washington Hospital Center RNs

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will keynote a strike rally of registered nurses in front of Washington Hospital Center next Friday, March 4, National Nurses United (NNU), the nation’s largest union and professional association of registered nurses, announced today. —Press Release, 02/25/11 More »

Nurses Welcome D.C. Council Members’ Support

New Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against Washington Hospital Center. National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union and professional association of registered nurses, today praised 10 members of the District of Columbia City Council for pressing Washington Hospital Center to settle its ongoing labor dispute. The RNs have called a one-day strike for Friday, March 4 with the hospital threatening a lockout that would prolong the dispute. Negotiations are scheduled to resume tomorrow. —Press Release, 02/24/11 More »

Washington Hospital Center RNs Gather After Calling One-Day Strike Over Patient Safety Concerns

RNs Available for Media: As March 4th Strike Approaches at Facility: Registered nurses at Washington D.C.’s largest hospital, Washington Hospital Center, will gather today, Feb. 23, to prepare for their announced one-day walkout coming on Friday, March 4. Nurses will be preparing picket signs and engaging in picket training. —Press Release, 02/23/11 More »

EMMC’s nurses still fighting for adequate staffing

Nurses from EMMC have had to strike over patient safety and safe staffing — so why haven’t EMMC and the EMHS board of directors listened? For the past eight months we’ve had hundreds of nurses telling the community that because of staffing shortages, nurses at EMCC cannot consistently provide their patients adequate care. —Bangor Daily News, 02/22/11 More »

State of California Fines Children’s Hospital Oakland for “Serious” Safety Violations

Registered nurses from Children’s Hospital Oakland (CHO) will hold a media availability to discuss citations issued today by CalOSHA, citing the medical center’s failure to comply with mandated security regulations that have put staff and patients in danger over a three-year period. —Press Release, 02/22/11 More »

Children’s Hospital Oakland fined for safety violations

State regulators fined Children's Hospital Oakland $10,350 on Tuesday for safety violations that include inadequately protecting employees from violence in its emergency department. The hospital has had several dramatic incidents in recent months, noted the Cal-OSHA citation. —Contra Costa Times, 02/22/11 More »

Just Say No - no more cuts for workers

Just Say No - no more cuts for workers

By Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, National Nurses United, AFL-CIO. There should be two lasting lessons to emerge from the heroic labor-led protests in Wisconsin. First, working people--with our many allies, students, seniors, women's organizations, and more--are inspired and ready to fight. Second, we need to send a clear and unequivocal message to the right-wing politicians and those in the media suggesting further concessions from working people. —Huffington Post, 02/21/11 More »

New Bill Would Boost Patient Safety in California Hospitals

SACRAMENTO – Legislation introduced today by State Sen. Leland Yee and sponsored by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United would strengthen California’s landmark safe hospital staffing law by stepping up enforcement to enhance patient protections. —Press Release, 02/18/11 More »

@ProtestInTheUSA: from Madison to America…from Workers to All People

@ProtestInTheUSA: from Madison to America…from Workers to All People

Is this Wisconsin revolt the protest that wakes up America and starts the push-back to big business and their anti-human agenda? National Nurses United sure hopes so, and we're doing our part to move that along. Please join our efforts by following @ProtestInTheUsa, our new national newsline of reports, notices, and videos about specific protests in the USA concerning democracy, healthcare, workers’ rights, and human rights. —National Nurses Movement, 02/17/11 More »

Wisconsin Democrats flee state to block passage of anti-union bill

A group of Wisconsin lawmakers blocked passage of a sweeping anti-union bill Thursday by ignoring orders to attend a vote. Instead, they left the state to force Republicans to negotiate over the proposal. —Associated Press, 02/17/11 More »

Inspired By Waves of Protests Across World, America’s Nurses Launch “Protests in the USA”

Inspired by the surge of popular protests around the world and in states like Wisconsin against out-of-touch corporate and political power, America’s union of registered nurses today launches a newsline designed to help coordinate and encourage grassroots protests in the United States. —Press Release, 02/17/11 More »

Cold Day in Hell Arrives for Patients

When I saw the cut to the low income energy assistance programs proposed by President Obama in his budget, I knew that meant more energy/utility shut-off notices for people already struggling all over the United States. The cold day in hell has arrived for many patients and many caregivers who already find their budgets bursting from the costs of healthcare insurance, co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket medical expenses, and their bank accounts strained from the loss of income and unemployment that has marked recent months for millions and millions of people. —, 02/16/11 More »

Student nurses protest in Dublin

Over 3,000 student nurses and midwifes have taken part in a rally at the Department of Health in Dublin today in protest at Government plans to phase-out and ultimately eliminate payments for their mandatory 36-week placement in hospitals. —Irish Times, 02/16/11 More »

Hospitals remove beds from corridors after nurses protest

Hospitals reduced the number of beds in their internal medicine departments on Tuesday, so none of them would have more than 120-percent occupancy.

The Health Ministry’s policy change resulted from protests last month by the Nurses Union, which threatened not to admit any patients to the departments if they had to lie on beds in corridors, and that they would walk out of their jobs if this occurred. —Jerusalem Post, 02/16/11 More »

Nurses at Washington Hospital Center Authorize Strike

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Registered nurses at Washington Hospital Center have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a one-day strike, National Nurses United, the largest U.S. nurses union and professional association, announced today. —Press Release, 02/16/11 More »

More Than 10,000 Protest Move By Wisconsin’s “Dictator” Governor to Destroy Public-Sector Unions

More than 10,000 Wisconsinites marched on the state Capitol Tuesday, as crowds rallied in cities around the state, students walked out of high schools and public employees lined roadways holding aloft banners declaring their determination to battle an attempt by Republican Governor Scott Walker to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights and pack state government positions with political patronage appointees.   —The Nation, 02/15/11 More »

Nurses Say Staff Cuts Put Patients In Danger At Tufts Medical Center

The nurses at Tufts Medical Center say recent staff cuts are putting patients at risk, and they cite more than 520 reports of “incidents that jeopardized patient care in the last year.” Care is being dangerously compromised, they say, due to: “delays in nursing assessment, delays in the administration of medications and tests, nurses missing significant changes in patients’ health status…patients falling due to lack of assistance with getting up and moving around and patients being left in soiled beds for hours at a time.” —Commonhealth, 02/15/11 More »

An alternative vision for the President’s budget

An alternative vision for the President’s budget

President Obama's Republican-lite budget is a reminder of how off track the state of politics has become inside the Beltway, and why we could use some of the protests that rocked Cairo's Tahrir Square in the United States. Rather than accommodating a corporate wish list that prioritizes deficit reduction at a time of a still persistent recession, how about a vastly different approach. —Huffington Post, 02/14/11 More »

California Bill Would Protect Nurses, End Gender Bias in Current State Law

If nurses get injured on the job, shouldn’t they be eligible for workers compensation? Presumably yes—but not according to the law in California. —Press Release, 02/14/11 More »

Saving Social Security

By Senator Bernie Sanders - Social Security is the most successful social program in American history. It shouldn't be privatized; its benefits shouldn't be cut; and the retirement age shouldn't be raised.

 Before Social Security was established 75 years ago, more than half of our elderly population lived in poverty. Because of Social Security, the poverty figure for seniors today is less than 10%. —Los Angeles TImes, 02/14/11 More »

A ‘Dictator’ Governor Sets Out to Cut Wages, Slash Benefits and Destroy Public Unions

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposal to strip public employees of most collective bargaining rights, cut pay and gut benefits without any negotiation [1] the most radical assault yet by the current crop of Republican governors on the rights of workers has inspired outrage in a historically progressive and pro-labor state. —The Nation, 02/13/11 More »

Gov. Peter Shumlin: The man who’d bring single-payer health care to Vermont

Peter Shumlin, the newly elected governor of Vermont, has a plan for health-care reform: Rather than repeal it, he wants to supercharge it. His state will set up an exchange, and then, as soon as possible, apply for a waiver that allows it to turn the program into a single-payer system. —Washington Post, 02/10/11 More »

New Pact Approved for 17,000 Kaiser California RNs

Thousands of registered nurses and nurse practitioners at more than 60 hospitals and medical offices in Northern and Central California have voted nearly unanimously to approve a new three-year contract with Kaiser Permanente, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today. —Press Release, 02/10/11 More »

Student nurses set for protest

Ireland - Student nurses and midwives are to press ahead with lunchtime protests over Government plans to cut their pay as industrial trouble-shooters hear their case. —Irish Times, 02/08/11 More »

Nurse protest prompts Blue Shield to delay rate hike

Nurse protest prompts Blue Shield to delay rate hike

Blue Shield of California today announced a 60-day reprieve in an unconscionable rate hike of up to 59 percent it intends to foist on individuals and families. The announcement coincided with announced plans by nurses, patients, and consumer advocates who stormed Blue Shield's posh California corporate headquarters in downtown San Francisco. —National Nurses Movement, 02/01/11 More »

Nurse, Patients, Consumer Protest Prompts Blue Shield to Delay Massive Rate Hike

Blue Shield’s announcement today that it would agree to a short, 60-day delay in a gargantuan rate hike was the direct outcome of a protest in front of the insurance giant’s corporate offices in San Francisco, said the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United which called the protest. —Press Release, 02/01/11 More »

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