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Welcome to the National Campaign for Safe Patient Ratios!  

Welcome to our nationwide safe patient ratios campaign to ensure safe staffing for RNs and patients across the country.  We all deserve the best care possible. California’s historic first-in-the-nation safe staffing ratios, sponsored by the California Nurses Association, took 13 years to win and have been in effect since January 2004 despite continued efforts of the hospital industry to overturn the law. Safe RN ratios have been proven to improve the quality of care and nurse recruitment and retention in California hospitals.

RNs nationwide are actively working with NNU to win their own mandated direct-care RN-to-patient staffing ratios.  RNs in other nations have also been fighting to improve conditions for their patients. Studies show that staffing ratios save lives, yet understaffing is a major issue RNs struggle with every day.  Together, we can change that.  JOIN OUR RATIOS COALITION HERE!


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Assess how California became the first state to win safe patient ratios. Diagnose good ratio bills from bad ones and why. Help plan safe staffing ratios in your state. TAKE ACTION, get involved, support legislation!

After years of broken promises from hospitals to address patient safety issues resulting from inadequate RN staffing, we now know, nurses must lead the way to safe ratios.

Dozens of studies link safe RN staffing ratios to reduced rates of patient deaths and post-operative complications. Simply put, fewer patients provides more time for quality care.

RNs in Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Texas, DC, and elsewhere are actively organizing in support of Hospital Patient Protection Acts in their states.

Let’s make safe ratios the law! Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) introduced S. 739 to help reduce the nation's shortage of nurses and ensure patients get the care they need. Many states are also pushing their own bills for safe staffing.

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