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RATIOS: Diagnosis

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Assess how California won safe patient ratios. Diagnose good ratio bills from bad ones. TAKE ACTION, get involved, support legislation! Evaluate safe patient ratios research. See and share ratios news and press.


California RN-to-Patient Ratios Quote
Sen. Boxer [D-CA] on national ratios bill.

National Legislation

SENATE RATIOS BILL - S. 1063 (Brown)

The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital
Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

Sen. Sherrod Brown

HOUSE RATIOS BILL - HR 2392 (Schakowsky)

The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital
Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

Rep. Janice Schakowsky

Support national legislation!

Florida RNs fight for safe staffing.
Florida RNs fight for safe staffing.

Ratios State-by-state

Anatomy of a Ratios Bill - Good vs. Bad

Partial list of states with active bills

How the safe staffing movement started

National ratios news and press

The proof is in the research

Tell us about your state!


Nurses Nationwide Take Up Fight for Safe Staffing Legislation

S. 1063 Senator Sherrod Brown, D-OH
H.R. 2392 Representative Jan Schakowsky, D-IL

Sen. Brown and Rep. Schakowsky have modeled their bills after a highly successful California law that since its implementation nine years ago has saved thousands of patient lives, promoted improved overall quality of care, and helped keep the state’s most experienced nurses at the bedside. The number of healthcare workers in California increased since the state’s nurse safe-staffing law went into effect. Total nursing assistive personnel is up 64%, a rate even higher than the national increase. Only the number of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs, also called Licensed Vocational Nurses in California) have declined, by 27%, though at a smaller rate than nationally, 29%. Many California LPNs have upgraded their professional skills to become RNs with the encouragement of the law.

Nursing assistive personnel play a role in ensuring that patients get quality hospital care. This legislation takes important steps to ensure patient safety and overall safe staffing. Section 3403 of S. 864 and H.R. 1602, “Minimum Direct Care Licensed Practical Nurse Staffing Requirements,” require safe staffing of LPNs, and the impact of staffing on patient care and staffing levels of nursing assistive personnel must be considered when developing staffing plans, according to section 3401 of this legislation.

Support S. 1063 and H.R. 2392 to protect patients and ensure safe nurse staffing!

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