Protect the voice of nurses in California - Vote Nov. 6

Stand up for healthcare and education!

By: DeAnn McEwen, RN
By: DeAnn McEwen, RN

A Nurse’s Care Plan for California - Help STOP the Unkindest Cuts of All...

Trust me when I say that politics has become very personal this year; I’m a nurse. As nurses we ask our patients to “tell us where it hurts.” There are those who are too young and too medically fragile who don’t have the ability to utter a word; yet we see the result of an eroding social safety net etched on their faces and wreaking havoc on their health. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Far too many of the patients and people in the community that I care for are suffering as a result of our broken economy. There is hope for them, and we all have the ability to help if we make an informed decision and vote wisely. Before we’re handcuffed by lethal cutbacks and before we become accomplices of injustice and the erosion of our right to protect one another, please join nurses in voting “YES” on Proposition 30; and, “NO” on Proposition 32!

Human beings need certain things to live; yet wealthy, self-interested special interests are trying to buy our democracy. It’s more important than ever for us to rise up to reject austerity and protect humanity, by voting nurses’ values for caring, compassion, and community; which at the end of the day, are the shared values of all Californians. Read more here

On Nov. 6, VOTE No on 32, Yes on 30


My hope for California’s future is that these two movements will remain united and move forward with their social pioneering initiatives. Registered nurses are the courageous and compassionate activists in a participatory democracy, responsible for promoting (each) individual’s and society’s holistic well-being. We have an opportunity to benefit all who live here in the process. It begins anew with a “YES” vote on 30, and a "NO" vote on 32.

Thank you!

DeAnn McEwen, Deborah Burger, Zenei Cortez, Malinda Markowitz
Registered Nurses and CNA Co-Presidents