Robin Hood Tax Rally.

Demand Treasury Secretary Lew and President Obama Stand with the People NOT Wall Street

Wall Street banks and corporations are raking in record profits while our communities continue to suffer job losses and cuts to public programs. Instead of lining the pockets of corporate fat cats, this money should go to our children’s Head Start programs, Grandma’s retirement, and fixing our broken healthcare system.

It’s time for the administration to stand with the people and TAX WALL STREET.

Join us April 20 as we march to the White House and Treasury Department to demand a financial transaction tax on Wall Street trades so we can put the money toward global health needs, addressing the climate crisis, jobs, and education.

RALLY at 12:00 p.m.
Farragut Square on 17th Street NW between K and I streets (NEW LOCATION)

MARCH at 12:30 p.m.
March past the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to the U.S. Treasury Department at 15th and G streets.

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